26 01 2010

We Are Here!

We are the B.L.A.S.T!

The B.L.A.S.T. is the political arm of the Black Student Union at San Francisco State University. We see a lack of militant/political development amongst the Black student body on campus and seek to reignite the flames of Black militant struggle both on campus and off. It is our goal to re-define self-determination and revive collective efforts. By doing so we will also protect our legacy of resistance and struggle and reignite the fire for justice. We will perform the duty of organizing the masses for constant, militant struggle. We will do this by providing direction for the study of political theory and pedagogy along with providing examples for the application of such to current movements. We will engage in education, service, and direct action mobilization. We are against anything that may halt the unification of the campus and the Black community including, but not limited to; racism, gentrification, sexism, homophobia, and careerism. We are for any action that successfully establishes a positive connection between student and community. We are committed to the advancement of Black Liberation and are dedicated to shaping this through student involvement and leadership.

We reject the ideas of rugged individualism, careerism, homophobia, and patriarchy that have led to division and unproductive dispute in the Black community.

We  declare that now is the time for Black people to start a global revolution. A Black Revolution.  An organic movement that seeks to unite and uplift Afrikans, encouraging them to thrive and overthrow the current establishment. We do not accept the lies that have long sense bogged down the people and forced them into the figurative fetal position. We seek to expose those lies, create a true and open world. A militant world. A revolutionary world. B.L.A.S.T. sees the problems of the current method of thinking of society in general, and the left  in specific. We do not denounce the two but encourage new theory in both. What is a militant struggle without Blacks and how far can a movement go without the acceptance of divergent views? These are the questions at the center of B.L.A.S.T.

As Amerikkka enters into what B.L.A.S.T believes to be a new wave of struggle between the working class and ruling class being led by the Budget Justice movement in California and the Gay Rights front, we challenge the methods and thoughts by which the left has orientated itself and sees how easily communities of color, Blacks in particular, may be funneled out of the movement. Blacks often, the most revolutionary of all peoples in Amerikkka should be involved in the discourse of the left at all times and B.LA.S.T. seeks to bring the discourse to Blacks and Blacks to the discourse.




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29 01 2010

Ya’ll needa connect with the Third World Assembly here at UC Berkeley. We are trying to organize Oakland High School Students.

29 01 2010

Hey, hit us up on our email childrenofmalcolm@gmail.com. We would love to hook up with some more peeps.

30 01 2010
Troy Nkrumah

That’s whats up folks. Bring it back… we did it in the mid 90s at SF State.. many of us suffered… Quddus Archie got prison time, I got banned from the entire CSU system… but that is the price that we have to pay to struggle in the belly of the beast. Get at me if you all want any historical analysis of what went down in the mid 90s, the fight for the original Malcolm X Mural and many other struggles we had on that campus. I am glad to see you all bringing it back to the politics of struggle… don’t let the faculty and staff deter you, or manipulate you… they are not, and never have been on the side of the struggle on that campus. NONE OF THEM! But they will talk a good game… however you all stated it right when you used the term “Careerism” !
Keep up the good fight….
Forward Ever!
Troy Nkrumah, M.A., J.D.
Pan African Students Union, Chair 1994-1996
Co-Founder “Young Comrades” (Oakland 1995)
AS President Elect (but disposed before taking office 1996)
Co-founder of SF Bay Area Jericho Amnesty Movement 1997
West Coast Chair of the Million Youth March 1997-1998
Chair of the National Hip Hop Political Convention 2005-2008
And much more!


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