The Opinion: Freedom in the age of Obama – Kofa T.

8 02 2010

The Opinion is a section of the B.L.A.S.T Blog that is dedicated to members of the B.L.A.S.T organization discussing pressing concepts. This week’s topic is “Freedom”. What is it and are Black people in this country really free?

Here is Kofa  T. on “Freedom”

Freedom is the power to choose one’s own destiny. Black people across the globe, but specifically in America have been stripped of this fundamental right. Proof of this injustice was obvious during slavery, Jim Crow and now the Prison Industrial Complex. Yet, as we enter the Age of Obama the question of freedom arises. Are African Americans free based on the fact that we can now be president? Have we achieved King’s Dream? Have we fully integrated into American society? My response to these and any other question in this genre would be HELL NO! Who is Barack Obama and how does he affect my individual freedom and the freedom of my people? Most people would agree that Obama is a symbol; a symbol that African Americans have arrived. We can be anything we choose to be, even the head of a racist, sexist, homophobic state. This is not freedom and in fact I would venture to say it is a step back from the freedom we fight for daily with our lives. Obama, the captain of a sinking ship, gives me no hope for change. He hasn’t changed anything, except that he has increased the pacification of Black people. He certainly gives me no hope or promise for a better future. We are still locked up and stripped of our rights based on skin color. We are still murdered at record rates by police officers, arms of the state. We are still highly mis-educated in the schools run by this disgusting government. And the United States continues to terrorize the people of Africa, Latin and South America and the Middle East. This all goes on while Obama hands out welfare checks to the wealthy, fights unnecessary wars, and turns his back on his Black constituents. So then if this is not it, then we must ask, what is freedom and how do we attain it? First, revolutionaries must understand that freedom is not something that can be handed to us. Freedom is taken. It is snatched back from those who steal it. Huey P. Newton says that, “freedom is won through the barrel of a gun”. Meaning, we will not have freedom until we go to war to defend ourselves and our families from the constant attack we live under. The Age of Obama is not a time to celebrate a symbol but a time to arm ourselves in self-defense. When we speak of arming ourselves, we do mean with weapons, but first we mean with truth. It is a time to educate and reeducate, to organize and mobilize, and to come together as one community ready to assert the rights and power of the proletariat. So, I say after one year of Obamanation, it is time for us to raise the sleeping giant. It is time for us to honor the spirits of Malcolm X, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, David Walker, Nat Turner, and George Jackson. This is our time to take back our freedom and stand tall with dignity, intelligence and pride. Do not let Obama be just an image for success. Let us have true victory by fortifying our communities against this attack.

–  Kofa   T.




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